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Harvey Stack Remembers: Growing up in a Numismatic Family Part 13

By Harvey Stack, Co-Founder

Author: Harvey Stack / Wednesday, March 07, 2018 / Categories: Harvey G. Stack Remembers

The year 1952 followed the pattern that had been set in 1951. Collectors were still adding Proof sets to their collections and starting new series. Several small and medium size collections were dispersed at public auctions, conventions got more popular, and regional clubs started having conventions, like the Metropolitan New York show, the Middle Atlantic show and the New England show (just in our area alone). Similar shows were started nationwide, but these eastern shows attracted many and initially were the most attended.


We continued to attract collectors to Stack’s Rare Coins on 46th Street and to the sales we conducted there. By this time, we had taken over the whole second floor for the cataloging staff and for presenting auctions.


Mr. Lilly continued to build his collection. His interest in coins from the Spanish Colonial period grew to include items from England and France, important trading countries who also had a presence in the New World.


While the shop was close to 5th Avenue a very popular attraction, the surrounding neighborhood was starting to change. It was decided that Stack’s would do better if the store were moved. We searched for a new location going north towards Central Park, (59th Street) where there were high-end stores that seemed a better fit for us. We were fortunate to find a location (where Stack’s is still today after six decades) at 123 West 57th Street. At the end of 1952 we began to prepare for the move.


We initially moved our Foreign Department, Stack's Coin Galleries, to offices we found at 41 West 57th Street, as a temporary location.  We moved our entire foreign inventory, our foreign book library and our bookkeeping department.  This job was supervised by the three Stack family members and Dr. and Mrs. Stefanelli, who headed the foreign department. The Stefanellis and their staff members set up shop here, just down the street from where Stack’s Rare Coins would soon relocate.


Stack's, who had owned the location at 12 West 46th Street, sold the property and the funds were used for the move and to increase our inventory. As we moved into 1953, it would be a historic year for Stack’s. When I look back at what we were able to accomplish, Morton, Joe, myself, and all our staff members, I am amazed. Even with moving and all that came along with it, we continued to grow and make some numismatic history. In my next part I will tell of some of the hectic activities of 1953.​