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By Brad Ciociola, Currency Specialist

​The Stack’s Bowers Galleries March U.S. Currency Auction will feature selections from the Karelian Collection, including a Fr.377 1890 $100 Treasury Note. It is popularly known as the “Watermelon Note” or “Baby Watermelon” (as opposed to its $1000 “Grand Watermelon” counterpart) due to the distinctive large zeros found on the back of the note that bear an unmistakable resemblance to the fruit.

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder

​Charles Edward Barber became the sixth engraver at the Philadelphia Mint in 1880, following the death of his father, Chief Engraver William Barber; he remained in the post until his death on February 18, 1917. The Liberty Head silver denominations he designed and which are known as “Barber coins, were made from 1892 to 1916. Today they are very popular, and the Barber Coin Collectors Club gathers together specialists in the various issues. Perhaps the single most famous of his coins is the 1894-S dime, of which only 24 are said to have been struck.

By Ben Mahaffey, Web Content Manager

​The March 2021 Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction will feature plenty of impressive coins. One in particular is the 1943-S Steel Lincoln cent that is graded MS-68+ by PCGS. This coin displays a perfect cartwheel, has only very minor rub on the high points and is free of all distracting marks. To view the Coins in Motion video for this coin, visit our YouTube page here. You can also view the entire playlist of Coins in Motion videos here.

By Christopher Dahncke, Currency Auction Associate

​Stack’s Bowers Galleries is pleased to offer a P-S302b 100 Pesos note issued by the Banco de Guerrero in a PMG Very Fine 30 grade in our February World CCO. This note is fully issued and has the later 1914 date. The Cathedral of Taxco is depicted at right on the face, with an ornate “100” counter at left. The reverse of the note depicts a lake at center flanked at left and right by ”100” counters. This note was printed by ABNC and retains ornate details typical of the printer.

By Jeremy Bostwick, Senior Numismatist and Cataloger

​The post-World War II period saw an increase in American influence in global affairs, with President Dwight D. Eisenhower at the helm during his two terms in office. Having played a vital role in the allied victory in Europe the decade prior, Eisenhower provided a steady hand in this era when technology brought together a world that had so recently been severely fractured. Further advancements in aviation made visiting other world leaders faster, easier and more reliable; the call sign of "Air Force One" was first utilized at the beginning of Eisenhower's presidency in 1953.

By James McCartney, Senior Numismatist and Consignment Director

​Fugio coppers have long captured the imagination of numismatists as one of the first federally sanctioned coinages of the United States. In April 1787, the Continental Congress authorized the coinage of copper cents equivalent in weight to British halfpence and bearing a design inspired by Benjamin Franklin's sundial and thirteen links motifs that appeared on the fractional Continental Currency notes of February 17, 1776.

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​Welcome back to Test Your Knowledge. See if you can answer this week's Trivia Question: What Numismatically important event is pictured here? Check back next week for the correct answer.

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​On February 3, 2021, Stack’s Bowers Galleries will be hosting the February Collectors Choice Online Auction. These online auctions offer excellent numismatic items and give our bidders and consigners the chance to move material in between our Showcase Auctions.