1799 Draped Bust Cent. S-189. Rarity-2+. Fine Details--Tooled (PCGS)

Cash Discount:   $10.00   
Credit Card:   $10.30 

Boldly defined devices display medium brown patina and a glossy appearance on the high points. A small area of roughness is present at 12:30 on the obverse, but the surfaces are fairly smooth overall.The 1799 is the key date among the Draped Bust large cent series, and has been recognized as such since the beginnings of coin collecting in America. Fakes of the date have been around for as long as the demand for the date, and are typically made by altering the 8 of a 1798 large cent; reputable specialists will always know the real McCoy when they see it. Though with minimal distractions to offer, the present example will still find its way into a mid-grade type set or large cent cabinet without hesitation.