1927-S Lincoln Cent. MS-65 RD (PCGS).
Sold $6000.00
Condition Rarity 1927-S Cent

1927-S Lincoln Cent. MS-65 RD (PCGS).
This conditionally challenging San Francisco Mint issue displays phenomenal technical quality and outstanding eye appeal. Both sides are fully lustrous in a blend of vivid reddish-orange and pinkish-rose. The strike is remarkable for an issue that is typically offered with poor definition in one or more areas. Here, on the other hand, we note sharp to full definition throughout the design. Expertly preserved, as well, an overall smooth satin texture rounds out an impressive list of physical attributes.
Although recognized as a semi-key date issue as early as the 1940s, by the time the inevitable hoarding of 1927-S cents occurred the vast majority of examples set aside by numismatists were in low grades through Fine. In VF, EF and AU this issue remains scarce by the standards of the type, while in Mint State the 1927-S is very scarce to rare depending on quality. A distinct cut above the typical softly struck and/or lackluster Uncirculated example, and rare thus, this impressive Gem almost certainly qualifies as Condition Census. Worthy of the strongest bid, and destined for inclusion in one of the finest Lincoln cent collections.
PCGS# 2584. NGC ID: 22CP.
PCGS Population: 19; 0 finer in this category.
From the Revtyak Collection.

March 2016 Baltimore
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