1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar. MS-64 (PCGS).
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1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar. MS-64 (PCGS).
An exceptionally well preserved and attractive example of this key date issue in the late date Morgan dollar series. Both sides are fully untoned to allow ready appreciation of bright satin white luster. Sharply, if not fully struck throughout with expectably smooth surfaces at the near-Gem grade level. A respectable mintage of 1,241,000 pieces conceals the rarity of the 1903-S in Mint State. While low grade examples in VG and Fine are plentiful enough, even higher grade circulated coins in the VF to AU range are scarce by Morgan dollar standards. The supply of Uncirculated coins is nowhere near sufficient to meet collector demand and, given that this issue was not widely represented in the Treasury Department silver dollar releases of 1962 to 1964, it is likely that much of the mintage not released into commercial channels was destroyed through melting. A significant bidding opportunity for the advanced Morgan dollar collector.
PCGS# 7288. NGC ID: 256T.

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