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By Stack's Bowers Galleries

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By Aris Maragoudakis

Every so often a note comes out of a collection that stops collectors in their tracks. Such is the case with the upcoming Pick 4c Straits Settlements note to be offered in our April 2018 Hong Kong Paper Money sale. This note is extremely elusive and is the first issued example that we have seen. It is in a PCGS GSG Fine 12 Holder. The Population Report at PMG shows no pieces certified, specimen or issued. We have yet to handle either prior to this lot.

By Kyle Ponterio, Senior Numismatist & Cataloger

In the study of numismatics one can learn a lifetime’s worth of knowledge in a relatively short period of time, given the chance and right circumstances. It is not every day that one gets the opportunity to catalog an extensive collection of any sort. The opportunities are even fewer to catalog a cabinet of the magnitude and specialization assembled over decades by Q. David Bowers/R.B. White. Included in this monumental offering by Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio are many highly sought after rarities and very interesting pieces that have been off the open market for 50 years or longer. It was a pleasure and a great honor to catalog such a collection, one that encompasses so much and yet is very focused.  

By Chris Chatigny, Numismatist & Cataloger

This preview for the Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio April Hong Kong Showcase Auction features a coin that is both historically significant and in gorgeous condition. This rare Dollar - struck in the 22nd year of Kuang Hsu (1896) - represents the first year of issue for the Pei Yang Arsenal. During the mint's first few years of operations, coinage denominations were assigned using the decimal system. It was not until the 25th year of Kuang Hsu (1899) that the mint would designate the denomination based on the 7 Mace 2 Candareens system as used by most mints.

By James McCartney, Numismatist & Cataloger

The Proof 1853 Arrows half dime is an elusive and enigmatic issue that is rivaled by few others in the Liberty Seated series. Just five examples are thought to have been struck, and only two to three can be accounted for today. We are delighted to be featuring one of these few survivors in our March 2018 Baltimore sale, where it will be appearing at auction for the first time in several decades.

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder

In an internal discussion the other day, by e-mail of course (!), I reflected on some of the changes I have seen in the rare coin hobby since I first began filling a Whitman folder for Lincoln “pennies” in 1952. I was sure I would find a 1909-S V.D.B., then worth an amazing ten dollars, right away. I never did find one, but I went on to explore other series, do a lot of reading, build a library, and in 1953 to become a coin dealer part-time. I was a student at Forty Fort High School in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

By Brad Ciociola, Currency Specialist

As a highlight of our offering of the fabulous Vanderbilt Collection of United States Currency, we are delighted to present the finest National Gold Bank Note graded by PMG. The Fr. 1136 1870 $5 from the First National Gold Bank of San Francisco, Ch. 1741, is graded Extremely Fine 40 EPQ and is the finest graded by PMG of the entire National Gold Bank Note series.

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder

As you read these words the special catalog for the Joel R. Anderson Collection has been completed by me, Peter Treglia, and other staff members. It has been a unique treat for all of us—the paper money equivalent of the D. Brent Pogue, Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr., and other incredible coin collections.