1909-S Lincoln Cent. V.D.B. MS-65 RD (PCGS).

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Fabled 1909-S V.D.B. Lincoln Cent

1909-S Lincoln Cent. V.D.B. MS-65 RD (PCGS).
Exceptional Gem full Red quality for this ever-popular Lincoln cent issue. Smooth satin surfaces are drenched in original golden-orange luster, the color just a bit more vivid on the reverse. Both sides are sharply struck, their features uncommonly well preserved for an issue that is typically offered in circulated or lower Mint State grades.
The first Lincoln cents flowed from the presses in the Philadelphia and San Francisco mints in 1909. These coins displayed the designer's initial, V.D.B. for Victor David Brenner, along the lower reverse border. Such prominent placement caused quite a controversy at the time, leading Treasury Secretary Franklin MacVeagh to halt coinage on August 5 of that year so that new dies could be prepared without the initials. The Philadelphia Mint had already struck 27,995,000 circulation strikes of the V.D.B. type, but the San Francisco Mint managed a mintage of only 484,000 pieces. Despite its limited mintage, however, the 1909-S V.D.B. is readily obtainable in Mint State due to widespread hoarding at the time of issue. On the other hand, few survivors retain both full luster and Gem-quality surfaces, as offered here. Scarce in this grade, the present example would make a fitting addition to an advanced numismatic cabinet.

PCGS# 2428.
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