1904-O Barber Quarter. MS-66+ (PCGS).

Sold $5,800.00

Radiant Gem 1904-O Barber Quarter
Among the Finest Known

1904-O Barber Quarter. MS-66+ (PCGS).
Splashes of tangerine and sapphire accent the peripheries of this incredible survivors from the New Orleans Mint. The complexion is lively and lustrous, showcasing a sharp strike and matte-like texture across the devices. The high points remain nicely composed and free from friction, strongly asserting the superlative Gem quality of this attractive piece.
Struck to a quantity of 2.4 million examples, the 1904-O quarter is relatively available in Mint State but becomes a condition rarity approaching Gem. The present example is among the finest of the issue, tied with just 1 other example at the current grade and bested by just 3 coins through MS-67+ at PCGS. For the enthusiast of the very finest 20th century U.S. type, this example is a true jewel.

PCGS# 5638.NGC ID: 23YZ.

PCGS Population: 2; 3 finer through MS-67+.

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