1878 Nickel Three-Cent Piece. Proof-67+ Cameo (NGC). CAC.

Sold $2,500.00

Superb Gem Proof 1878 Three Cent Nickel
Among the Finest Known
CAC Approved

1878 Nickel Three-Cent Piece. Proof-67+ Cameo (NGC). CAC.
Icy and reflective fields surround the richly frosted design elements across this stunning Superb Gem Proof. The surfaces are essentially unflawed, boasting evidence of die refinishing but remaining free from handling blemishes. A pair of planchet flaws beneath the lower ribbon of Liberty's hair will aid in tracing this exceptional specimen through future assemblages.
The 1878 Nickel Three-Cent Piece was a Proof-only issue of 2,350 examples, a figure that was the highest Proof mintage of the series up until that point. Despite this moderate mintage, most pieces fail to exceed Proof-66 condition, and even fewer exhibit the strong Cameo contrast displayed by the present example. This specimen is tied with just one other coin at NGC and is surpassed by only two examples in the next grade higher. Just one coin is certified finer at PCGS, asserting the immense desirability of this angelic Superb Gem!

PCGS# 83774.NGC ID: 275Y.

NGC Census: 2; just 2 finer in Proof-68 Cameo.

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