1931-S Lincoln Cent. MS-66 RD (PCGS).

Sold $2,250.00

Gem Red 1931-S Lincoln Cent
Nearly Finest Known

1931-S Lincoln Cent. MS-66 RD (PCGS).
The complexion of this silky Gem displays a blend of apricot and lilac tones across each side. The satiny luster is uniform and comprehensive, flowing over the fields and devices without interruption. Smooth and untroubled surfaces deliver a gorgeous aesthetic that far exceeds what is usually encountered on this semi-key date issue.
With a mintage of 866,000 coins, the 1931-S has the second lowest production figure of the entire series, behind only the 1909-S V.D.B. The 1931-S is readily available in most Mint State grades but becomes scarce above MS-65 and is virtually unknown above MS-66. The present piece ranks among the finest survivors of this desirable issue, and PCGS has certified just 2 coins negligibly finer at MS-66+ RD.

PCGS# 2620.NGC ID: 22D4.

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