1942 Mercury Dime. Proof-68 (PCGS). CAC.

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Exceptional Proof 1942 Mercury Dime

1942 Mercury Dime. Proof-68 (PCGS). CAC.
This wonderfully original specimen exhibits splashes of rich crimson-russet patina along the right obverse and reverse borders. Otherwise lightly toned in pale silver and iridescent gold, the surfaces are universally mirrored in finish and expectably smooth for the assigned grade. The final year 1942 is also the most readily obtainable issue in the Proof Mercury dime series. The mintage of 22,329 Proofs is the most generous for the type but, while survivors are plentiful in an absolute sense, few are as expertly preserved as the upper end Superb Gem offered here. Lovely!

PCGS# 5077.NGC ID: 27DN.

PCGS Population: 94; 11 finer in this category (Proof-69 finest).

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