1909-S Lincoln Cent. V.D.B. MS-65 RD (PCGS).

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1909-S Lincoln Cent. V.D.B. MS-65 RD (PCGS).
A beautiful example with medium orange luster over generally smooth surfaces, the obverse more vivid than the reverse. Fully struck and original, a few small specks of white detritus are situated on the reverse and within the wheat ears, a testament that no one has attempted to "improve" this coin. The recorded mintage of the San Francisco Mint's first Lincoln cent was just 484,000 pieces. After these examples were produced, coinage stopped when newspaper articles complained about the prominence of the designer's initials, V.D.B., along the lower reverse border. Accordingly, Treasury Department officials mandated their removal, and Lincoln cent coinage continued without the designer's initials until 1918 when, after Brenner's death, they were quietly added to a less conspicuous place along the base of Lincoln's shoulder. Widely saved at the time by contemporary Americans looking for a keepsake of the new small cent, the 1909-S V.D.B. is more plentiful in Mint State than the mintage might imply. At Gem and above, however, the issue is relatively scarce and such examples are always in great demand among advanced Lincoln cent enthusiasts.

PCGS# 2428.NGC ID: 22B2.
From our (American Numismatic Rarities) sale of January 2004, lot 1218.

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