1862 Indian Cent. MS-68 (PCGS).

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The Sole Finest 1862 CentMS-68 (PCGS)
None Finer for Any Issue

1862 Indian Cent. MS-68 (PCGS).
Here is a magnificent Ultra Gem from the copper-nickel, Oak Wreath series of 1861 through 1864. The surfaces are essentially flawless, with subtle prooflike reflectivity in the fields and undisturbed frosty texture across the devices. A thin die crack is noted at the tip of Liberty's bust and through the left reverse wreath, but the devices remain nicely defined for the issue. The attractive surfaces are golden-tan with subtle accents of deeper bronze patina throughout. A small area of dark toning on Liberty's hair ribbon will help in tracing this superior piece through future cabinets.

With 28,075 pieces struck, the 1862 has the second highest mintage of this short series. Examples of the 1862 are readily available in most Mint State grades up through MS-65, but they become exponentially more elusive approaching Superb Gem condition. In Ultra Gem MS-68 condition, the present piece is an incredible rarity. In fact, this is the sole finest 1862 cent graded by PCGS or NGC, and is tied with the very finest known across the entire Indian cent series. It is an ideal candidate for a high-end PCGS Registry Set of Indian cents or 19th century type coins. It simply cannot be improved upon.

PCGS# 2064.NGC ID: 227H.

Combined PCGS and NGC Population: 1; none finer for any Indian cent issues.

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