1872 Shield Nickel. MS-66+ (PCGS). CAC.

Sold $2,650.00

Superior Gem 1872 Shield Nickel.
Just 2 Finer at PCGS
None Finer at CAC

1872 Shield Nickel. MS-66+ (PCGS). CAC.
This is a beautiful Gem that displays pearlescent dove-grey surfaces with subtle golden irridescence. Expertly preserved and virtually pristine, there is not a single noteworthy abrasion or other blemish to distract the eye. At MS-66+, this piece ranks among the very finest known and only two rank higher at PCGS. Additionally, it remains unsurpassed at CAC and sits at the top of that population, emphasizing the truly superior quality. Perfect for the advanced Registry Set specialist who appreciates outstanding condition rarities.
Circulation strike nickel production ratcheted up considerably in 1872 with 6,036,000 coins struck, compared to just 561,000 pieces for the 1871. Even so, the vast majority of these were impaired by heavy circulation and only about 750 Mint State examples remain. In Gem, this figure is significantly reduced and just about 125 remain. The present MS-66+ (PCGS) CAC is among the most desirable of this exclusive population.

PCGS# 3799.NGC ID: 22P6.

PCG Population: 4; 2 finer.
CAC Population: 12; none finer.

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