• Our Experts

    Our team of rare coin experts is the best of any numismatic auction house in the world. Led by numismatic legends Harvey G. Stack and Q. David Bowers, our team of rare coin and currency specialists includes many well-known, award-winning U.S. and World numismatic scholars. With over 1,250 years of combined experience among them, our team of accomplished professionals will ensure your coins and currency are showcased to their finest advantage.
    Our Leadership

    • Greg Roberts


    • Brian Kendrella


    • Andrew Glassman



    • Q. David Bowers


    • Harvey G. Stack


    • Lawrence R. Stack


    Auction - United States Coins

    • Christine Karstedt

      Executive Vice President

    • Jeff Ambio

      Vice President of Numismatics

    • Vicken Yegparian

      Vice President of Numismatics

    • Ron Gillio

      Numismatics Acquisitions Coordinator

    • John M. Pack

      Executive Director of Consignments

    • Scott Reiter

      Executive Director of Consignments

    • Melissa Karstedt

      Auctioneer, Auction Director

    • John Kraljevich

      Numismatic Consultant

    • James McCartney

      Senior Numismatist

    • Ben Orooji

      Numismatist, Production Manager

    • Steve Price

      Director of Numismatic Business Development

    • Wayne Berkley

      Director of Client Services

    Auction - Paper Money

    • Peter A. Treglia

      Director of Currency

    • Brad Ciociola

      Currency Specialist

    • Manning Garrett

      Director of Currency

    • Aris Maragoudakis

      Director of World Currency Auctions

    • Henrik Holt Christensen

      Consignment Director of Europe

    Auction-World Coins

    • Richard Ponterio

      Executive Vice President

    • Matt Orsini

      Director of World & Ancient Numismatics

    • Nirat Lertchitvikul

      Director of Asian Operations

    • Ping Lertchitvikul

      Manager of Asian Operations

    • Zhou Shou Yuan

      Consignment Director - China

    • Frederick Yow

      Consignment Director Southeast Asia

    • Kyle Ponterio

      Senior Numismatist and Cataloger

    • Crystal Ng

      Auction Services Executive

    Wholesale Team

    • Bobby Avena

      Head Numismatic Trader

    • Mark Schimel

      New York Store Manager

    • Andrew Bowers

      East Coast Sales Manager

    • Richard Gonzales

      Director of Gold Trading


    • Maryna Synytsya

      Manager of European Operations