• Tips on how to be a Successful Bidder: 

    • Be certain you are bidding on the correct item.

    Take time to double-check the heading of the item you are bidding on. And remember, once you have placed a bid, you cannot remove it. If you make a mistake and “misbid,” please contact our customer service department immediately at 800-458-4646 (8 AM – 5 PM, PST) or email [email protected].

    If the description of the item you wish to bid on is unclear to you, please email [email protected] for more information.

    • Use the Maximum Bid feature when placing a bid.

    When placing a Maximum Bid on an item, you give Stack’s Bowers Galleries permission to bid for you up to and including the Maximum Bid amount you set. The Maximum Bid system will only raise the bid in minimum increments in response to a competing bid, so you are sure to get the lot for the lowest possible price. This allows you to remain active on an item in the auction without the need for multiple Internet transactions. If a competing bid exceeds your Maximum Bid amount, you will be sent an outbid notice via email or push notification via our Mobile App. You can go back and place a new bid, or allow the Maximum Bid to expire without further action.

    • Take note of the auction information.

    Keep track of all the items you have bid on with the My Bids button, located at the top right corner of the StacksBowers.com homepage. Just click on the My Bids button, and then click the My Bidding tab.