About Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio

Since 2010, Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio Hong Kong has been the undisputed leading auction house specialized in rare coins and banknotes in Asia. The first auction featuring The Wa She Wong Collection topped $10.7 Million, representing one of the most important offerings of Chinese and Asian coins ever to be held. Since then, Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio has taken pride in its company’s 80-year legacy and offered many of the most valuable collections including The Chin Family Collection and The Q. David Bowers Collection. Over 7 years, Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio has sold the record-breaking $100 million of Asian coins and paper money. Today, Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio expands its offices to Singapore and Beijing and holds bi-annual auctions in April and August each year in Hong Kong. Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio is also the organizer of Hong Kong Coin Show, the biggest numismatic convention in Asia with over 100 top numismatic organizations and individuals from over 45 countries.
時德斯,鮑爾斯和邦地尼奧錢幣拍賣有限公司(簡稱SBP錢幣拍賣)自2010年於香港舉行第一場拍賣會起,一直立足香港帶領亞洲的錢幣及紙幣市場的發展,是業界公認首屈一指的國際拍賣行。首場拍賣呈獻蜚聲國際的黃華樞舊藏,總成交高達美元一千多萬,成績斐然,是中國及亞洲錢幣拍賣的一個重要里程碑。此後,SBP錢幣拍賣秉承總公司八十多年的誠信及專業原則,拍賣過許多名震中外的收藏,包括陳氏家族收藏系列及Q. David Bowers收藏系列。短短七年間,SBP錢幣拍賣於香港已經突破一億美元的總成交金額,領銜中國及亞洲錢幣拍賣。時至今日,SBP錢幣拍賣以香港為亞太地區的拍賣中心樞紐,每年舉行春季(三或四月)及秋季(八月)兩場拍賣,公司的據點擴展至北京及新加坡,力求更全面服務亞洲客戶。同時,SBP錢幣拍賣亦是香港國際錢幣聯合展銷會(HKCS)的主辦方,展會於每次拍賣後的週五至週日舉行,吸引了來自全球四十五個國家和地區,逾百名參展商前來參與,規模為全亞洲最大,盛況空前。 ​​​​​