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CHINA. Szechuan. Pattern 30 Cash, ND (1904). PCGS AU-53 Secure Holder.
Estimate: $100,000-$150,000. The "Water Dragon" 30 Cash Realized 504% of its low estimate.

經典三十文水龍銅樣幣  |  成交價 $504,000  |  20184月香港春拍

CHINA. Kiangsu-Chingkiang. Pattern 20 Cash, CD (1906). PCGS SP-64 BN Secure Holder.
Estimate: $50,000-$75,000. The "Huai" Pattern 20 Cash Realized 1008% of its low estimate.

唯一私藏""字二十文  |  成交價 $504,000  |  20184月香港春拍


CHINA. 2,000 Yuan, 1992. Lunar Series, Completion of Lunar Cycle. NGC PROOF-68 ULTRA CAMEO.
Estimate: $300,000-$350,000. The Lunar Cycle Gold Kilo Realized 120% of its low estimate.

1992年一輪生肖全集公斤金幣  |  成交價 $360,000  |  20188月香港夏拍


CHINA--PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC. People's Bank of China. 10,000 Yuan, 1951. P-858Aa. PCGSBG About Uncirculated 50.
Estimate: $100,000-$150,000. The People's Bank 10,000 Yuan Realized 358.5% of its low estimate.

無與倫比的人民幣壹萬元  |  成交價 $358,500  |  20174月香港春拍


CHINA. Long Whisker Dragon Pattern Dollar Struck in Silver, Year 3 (1911). Tientsin Mint. PCGS SP-63+ Secure Holder.
Estimate: $150,000-$200,000. The Long-Whisker "Ordinary Obverse" Realized 166.8% of its low estimate.

宣統三年大清銀幣長鬚龍壹圓樣幣  |  成交價 $250,200  |  20128月香港夏拍


CHINA--EMPIRE. Ming Dynasty 400 Cash, Hong Wu, 1368-1398. P-AA4?.
Estimate: $100,000-$150,000. The Ming Dynasty Note Realized 119.5% of its low estimate.

洪武年大明通行寶鈔肆佰文  |  成交價 $119,500  |  20144月香港春拍


THAILAND. 2 Baht Struck in Gold, ND (1864). NGC MS-63.
Estimate: $50,000-$75,000. The Thailand 2 Baht in Gold Realized 215.1% of its low estimate.

評鑑最佳2銖銀幣金樣  |  成交價 $107,550  |  201412月澳門拍賣


CHINA. Sichuan Dabao. Provincial Large Ingots. 50 Tael Salt Tax Ingot, Year 12 (1807).
Estimate: $14,000-$18,000. The Salt Tax Ingot Realized 342.8% of its low estimate.

四川伍拾兩鹽稅錠  |  成交價 $48,000  |  20188ANA拍賣