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Preview of Our Spring Hong Kong Paper Money Sale

By Aris Maragoudakis, Director of World Currency Auctions

Author: Aris Maragoudakis / Thursday, February 21, 2019 / Categories: Paper Money of the Week

Available online now, is our Annual Spring Hong Kong Paper Money Sale. This year we are excited to be offering highlights that span the entire globe, in response to interest shown by the market for a variety of foreign notes, not just those from the commonwealth.

We begin the live session with Imperial China, including a gorgeous Yuan Dynasty 2 Kuan in lot 50001. The note carries a modest 30,000-40,000 USD estimate, and is followed by a run of well-preserved Ming Dynasty notes.

Our People’s Republic of China section also features some fantastic highlights. An incredible 1975 Unissued 2 Yuan Proof in lot 50176 may prove to be underestimated when the hammer drops. The bright blue hues and beautiful design certainly enhance the desirability of this piece. A pleasing 1951 5000 Yuan in a PMG VF 20 Holder is offered in lot 50163, immediately followed by an extremely rare 1951 10,000 Yuan in lot 50164. The ever popular wide format 10 Yuan from 1953 PRC in a PMG EF 40 is found in lot 50174.

Lot 50191 presents what is perhaps the highlight of our sale, a 1901 10 Yen front and back specimen pairing from the Bank of Taiwan. These are the lone examples graded by PMG and will certainly be prizes in even the most seasoned collections, as we are not sure any others exist, especially in this condition.

Among the Straits Settlements pieces, we are offering a rare, fully issued 1901 100 Dollar Note in lot 50456. One of the treasures in the entire Straits Settlements catalog, this note offers great detail and certainly rivals any example we have previously handled. Further Straits Settlements notes in the session include the 1916 100 Dollar in lot 50457 and the 1925-30 1 Dollar Color Trial in lot 50460.

An issued 1929 example of the rare Sarawak 25 Dollar note is available in lot 50442 and is one of the nicest and most challenging Sarawak notes we have ever offered. It is a true rarity in stunning overall condition. A pair of Animal Series notes with the Burundi Overprint are also offered in this sale. The 500 Franc Rhino in lot 50330, and the Gem 1000 Franc Zebra in lot 50331 are sure catch the eyes of animal vignette collectors.

Also appealing for Animal Vignette collectors, are the Elephant 50 and 100 Rupia specimens (lots 50432, 50433, and 50434) found in the Portuguese India section. They offer incredible detail and paper quality. These notes are estimated below market and represent a very rare opportunity as we cannot recall a time where they have all been offered in the same sale.

One of the most important pieces in our sale hails from the American Bank Note Company, an astonishingly rare 1863 ABNC Type 1 Stock Certificate in lot 50479. This large format ABNC treasure offers a unique opportunity for history buffs, and Bank Note enthusiasts to acquire an original Stock Certificate from the most celebrated company in Bank Note history. It is signed by George W. Hatch, ABNC president from 1863 to 1866, at bottom right, and traces its provenance to the estate of a deceased ABNC employee. Most known examples suffer from severe water staining and hole cancellations. This example is free of all these netting defects and has only mild circulation.

Once again we are pleased to present an auction that will appeal to both collectors and dealers, one that offers something for everyone. Many of the items have yet to be offered publicly, and others are surfacing for the first time in decades. Please contact us prior to the auction with any questions regarding these treasures.

To register for bidding please contact info@stacksbowers.com. To consign any rarities to future auctions, including our next Hong Kong Auction in August, please contact Aris@StacksBowers.Com.