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By Nicholas Fritz, Numismatist for World and Ancient Coins

​Almost everyone knows the story of the Fall of France, the collapse of French defenses and subsequent occupation by Germany during the Second World War. What some people do not realize is that not all of France was occupied by the Germans. As the German army advanced in the summer of 1940, the French government fled Paris.​

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​In the May Precious Metals Auction Part 2, we will be selling lot 60220, a Delta Smelting and Refining silver bar that weighs 103.12 ounces. Delta Smelting and Refining is a renowned firm out of Canada, known for producing prolific ingots with impressive pour character, lines and dimples. Delta Bars are rare when they surface the market and highly collectible, making this vintage bar an excellent addition to any collection. Place your bids on this lot here.​

By Ben Mahaffey, Web Application Manager

​The present 1849 Liberty Seated dime is among the most desirable coins of our upcoming sale. This date was struck at the Mint before Proof production began on a wide scale. The Mint produced only a few Proof sets for official purposes or for distribution to the small number of numismatists who were active during the decade. Given the scarcity of the Proof sets, we believe that no more than 10 Proof Liberty Seated dimes were struck in 1849. This example is graded by PCGS as Proof-66, CAC, OGH.​

By Christopher Maisano, Numismatist

​We are pleased to present an impressive Casascius 1 Bitcoin in our June 2022 Auction. This is an active and loaded cryptocurrency coin containing 1 BTC, equivalent to roughly US$38,000 at the time of cataloging (May 2022). It represents the final year of production by Casascius (Mike Caldwell) and is one of the most popular issues of the entire Casascius series with just about 8,350 of the 2013 Series 2 1 BTC funded in 2013 and 2014. This example displays vibrant honey-gold patina with hints of bronze and olive throughout.​

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

Last week we asked what numismatic company was headquartered at the building shown in the image. The correct answer is the American Bank Note Company. Come back next week for a new trivia question!​

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder

As I discussed in my last article, in the late 1980s classic silver commemorative coins became a focus of the coin market, especially as people saw them as investment products, attracted by low mintages and generally high grades. Investors flooded the market and prices kept increasing, attracting more and more attention.

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​On May 20, 1927, famed aviator Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Airfield in New York to fly across the Atlantic in the first-ever solo, non-stop trans-Atlantic flight. Flying in his airplane, the Spirit of Saint Louis, Lindbergh's flight took 33.5 hours and covered more than 3,600 miles.​