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Written by Q. David Bowers, Chairman Emeritus

It is all over but the shouting! A familiar expression, this. I am speaking of the Americana sale held by Stack’s Bowers Galleries in New York City from Tuesday, January 22 through Thursday night, January 24. Actually, although shouting continues and the event will echo in the halls of numismatics -- perhaps forever, what with the world’s record $10 million realization for the 1794 silver dollar -- a lot is still going on. Letters, emails, and other messages of congratulations are arriving from all directions, the Americana Sale has inspired a flood of potential sellers to contact our consignment directors, and more nice things have happened.

By Harvey G. Stack, Senior Numismatic Consultant

As coincidence would have it, a number of great numismatic collections entered the auction scene in 1954. The collection which received the most pre-sale publicity was the Palace Collection, that of King Farouk of Egypt. King Farouk was a ruler who spent money recklessly on palaces, food, women and partying as well as collectibles including jewels, art and coins at a time when most of his people lived in great poverty. King Farouk was forced to abdicate, exiled to Europe, and his coin collection was confiscated by the new government and consigned to auction.
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By Chris Chatigny, Cataloger

China provides yet another fascinating numismatic piece as a preview for Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio upcoming April Hong Kong auction, a very rare pattern coin from the province of Szechuan. The western Chinese province of Szechuan’s mint was located at Chengtu during the Imperial Era. The mint faced several obstacles impeding its opening in 1897 and the beginning of operations in 1898. An American company, Ferracute Machine Company of Bridgeton, New Jersey, supplied the Chinese government with materials, machinery, and experts to begin minting coinage. Ferracute sent Henry Janvier to oversee the installation and launch the mint. Janvier’s trip to China from New Jersey would span months, as he traveled by train across the U.S., sailed from San Francisco to Japan (narrowly avoiding a typhoon), then another boat to Shanghai. Here Janvier picked up a crew, an interpreter, and a bull terrier. The party traveled up the Yangtze River, then overland until they reached Chengtu nearly three months after leaving New Jersey. Janvier then spent months preparing the location and machinery for operation, against many setbacks including thieves, floods, and corrupt officials. However, Janvier finally opened the mint and returned to New Jersey by way of Europe, with letters, photos, and a new wealth of experiences. Henry Janvier would go on to become Vice President of Ferracute, and retire in 1943 at eighty-two.

Article compiled by John Salyer, Numismatist and Cataloger based on the lot description by John Salyer and James Matthews, Senior Numismatist and Consignment Director, U.S. Coins

Many exciting rarities are on deck for Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ upcoming March 2013 Baltimore Auction. One of those items is an incredible Gem MS-65 (PCGS) 1864 three-dollar gold piece, a Condition Census offering. This survivor from a low mintage Civil War issue displays an impressive combination of superb technical quality and exceptional eye appeal. Previously part of the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection, sold by us as lot 678 in our October 1999 catalog of Part II of that impressive collection. This coin is guaranteed to draw the attention of serious specialists in this popular and challenging 19th century United States gold series

By Christine Karstedt, Executive Vice President

The Cardinal Collection, Stack’s Bowers Galleries Interviews Martin Logies

Christine Karstedt: Martin, you’ve done it again! After completing your collection of early dollars, which we brought to market for you in 2005, it is obvious that you’ve acquired several fabulous individual rarities and a spectacular collection of large cents. When did you start building the current Cardinal Collection and what was the driving force behind these acquisitions?

Highest Price Ever Realized for Any Rare Coin at Auction

Leading rare coin auctioneer Stack’s Bowers Galleries conducted one of the most highly-anticipated events in numismatic history on January 24, 2013, with the sale of the record-setting Cardinal Collection. The highlight of the evening was the $10,016,875 sale of the coveted 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar, a superb Gem Specimen example, the finest known to exist. This set a new world-record price for any coin. Attended by hundreds of enthusiasts, collectors, investors and dealers, and resulting in nearly $27 million in rare coins crossing the block, the auction of The Cardinal Collection and other important consignments took place as part of the Stack’s Bowers Galleries New York Americana Sale.
Do you have a question about anything numismatic? Want to know what’s going on here at Stack’s Bowers Galleries? If so, send your inquiries to [email protected] and get a response to your important questions from our team of experts!