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By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​On May 21, 1996, Stack's Bowers Galleries predecessor, Bowers and Merena, auctioned the first coin to ever surpass the $1 million mark.  The 1913 Liberty Head nickel sold for $1,485,000, easily breaking the million dollar barrier. Fast forward to August 15, 2018, and Stack's Bowers Galleries once again had the pleasure of offering the Eliasberg 1913 Liberty Head nickel at public auction. This time, it sold for $4,560,000!

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​Beginning next week, Stack's Bowers Galleries will have three days of auctions that feature over 2,488 lots of coins.

By Harvey Stack, Co-Founder

​Stack's auction program for 1989 was large and important. This was the second year since the 20% drop of the Stock Market on "Black Monday," October 19, 1987. While things were recovering, it was a slow process. and the effects were felt for two years. This drop had been caused by the failure of the bond market to make promised payments and interest to many investors, leading to a wild sell off. During this period hobbies slowed down, but the numismatic market seemed to stay basically stable, as many collectors continued to enjoy the hobby and see coins as a store of value.​

By Christopher Dahncke

​Our November 2021 Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Expo will feature notes from the "Gnat" Laguna Coast Registry and Rarity Collection. As many small size specialists are aware, this collection includes the best group of San Francisco District small size notes ever formed.  In addition to the many unique and rare San Francisco notes that comprise this collection, it also offers an unprecedented number of Top Pop notes.​

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​Last week we asked what the type, series, and Friedberg # of this $10 U.S. banknote was. If you answered 1869 Legal Tender Note, Fr. 96, then you are correct. We will sell this note in the November 2021 Auction.

By Nicholas Fritz, Numismatist, World and Ancient Coins

​At the turn of the 20th century, pre-Revolution Russia was in a delicate place economically, rapidly industrializing yet falling behind Western Europe and Japan. To advance economic interests in the Tsardom, Russia was forced to appeal to external capital, which resulted in the fabled 37 Rubles and 50 Kopeks gold coin, long a source of fascination for collectors of Russian numismatics. With the largest denomination of any coin ever issued from the Russian Empire, along with its considerable size and weight, the type has great appeal for collectors of ultra rarities.​

By Ben Mahaffey, Web Content Manager

​General Benjamin Butler commissioned and paid for 197 silver and 11 bronze medals to be produced for the United States Colored Troops to honor their bravery fighting for the Union in the Civil War. The dies were designed by famous engraver Anthony C. Paquet and were produced at the Philadelphia Mint. Due to the small mintage of 11 bronze medals, these are very rare and seldom seen. Stack's Bowers Galleries is offering a PCGS MS-64 Brown example in the November 2021 Showcase Auction. This is surely one of the rarest U.S. Military Medals. In Stack's Bowers Galleries 2013 ANA Sale, an example sold for $11,750. A silver example sold in 2009 for $34,500.

By James McCartney, Director of Consignment and Numismatics

Stack's Bowers Galleries is excited to present a physical Lealana Bitcoin to the passionate communities of cryptocurrency and numismatic enthusiasts in their November 2021 Showcase Auction. This physical Lealana Bitcoin represents a historic revolution in commerce, similar to the first gold coinage issued by King Croesus circa 500 BC and the first U.S. coins to be struck by steam press in 1836. It is the physical manifestation of an entirely digital concept, offering a fusion of numismatic utility and financial technology. It will be the very first piece of physical cryptocurrency offered in a major live auction.​