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Here is the answer to last week's test your knowledge! Did you pass the test?  Stay tuned for a new trivia question next week​!

By Mark Schimel, New York Store Manager

Come see a rare and valuable Yap Stone in our New York Store. This is a very unusual piece of money from the tiny island of Yap in the South Pacific, made of stone that was actually imported to the island.  The stone on display at our West 57th Street store weighs 62 pounds and is quite attractive.  It represents an interesting form of currency from a bygone era, not often seen or traded.  This example is going to be auctioned in our January New York International coin sale right here in the Big Apple.  So if you want your very own Yap stone, come see it and place your bid.  Someone is going to go home with a huge piece of pocket change. 

Did you know The Lux Family Collection is featured in our upcoming official auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Expo, November 8-10, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland? Click here to learn more.​

By Peter Treglia, Director of Currency

Welcome to our November Official Currency Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo This is our final public auction of the year and what a great year it has been! Thank you to everyone who has participated in our auctions over the course of 2017.

By Harvey G. Stack, Co-Founder

In 1935 Stack's held our first public auction. Before this many collections nationwide were sold in mail bid sales. But, as Stack’s was right in Manhattan, the business had the benefits of being close to transportation as well as being a fairly easy trip for a great number of collectors. These included not only those in the boroughs of the city of New York and the surrounding counties, but also those who lived from Boston to Baltimore.

By Aris Maragoudakis, Director of World Currency Auctions

Only a note that is this important could get us this excited! Stack’s Bowers Galleries is very pleased to present this first issue British Honduras One Dollar note in its first ever public offering. It has been in private hands since the mid-1890s, after which it was passed down through subsequent generations.

By Chris Chatigny, Numismatist & Cataloger

Our next preview for the January 2018 New York International Auction is a magnificent and scarcely seen coronation medal. The earliest coronations (beginning in 800 with Charlemagne) of the Holy Roman Emperors took place in Rome, and were presided over by the Pope. By the time of Charles VI, the ceremony took place in Germany with no direct involvement by the Papacy. Frankfurt Cathedral hosted the event, with the Electors of the empire meeting and proclaiming the new emperor in a separate ceremony, usually just days before the coronation would take place.

By James McCartney, Numismatist & Cataloger

Showcased in Rarities Night of our November 2017 Baltimore Auction is a rare treat for enthusiasts of early Unites States type coins. From the exceptional Murray Hill Collection comes a pair of 1796 quarter eagles displaying the two design types struck that year. Lot 10114 is lustrous AU-53 (PCGS) example of the legendary No Stars issue, followed by a dazzling MS-63 * (NGC) example of the Stars on Obverse type in lot 10115.