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By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​In Stack's Bowers Galleries upcoming auction of the E Pluribus Unum Collection, Part 3, we will offer 36 Betts Medals, as listed in American Colonial History Illustrated by Contemporary Medals. These medals are interesting artifacts that document the past and allow us to relive history. As the Preface of the book states: "Medals are original documents in metal. In studying them we study history at its source. As contributions to the knowledge of the history of portraiture, dress and habits; as indices of then existing information in architecture, geography and the natural sciences; and as a means of restoring the knowledge of structures long destroyed, the aid of Medals is not to be over estimated."​

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​With just under a week left in the construction phase, Stack's Bowers Galleries is anticipating the opening of their new storefront on Market Street in historic Philadelphia. Our newest staff members, Mark and Chris, will be at the helm of the store, along with longtime Stack's Bowers Galleries expert, Bobby Avena. Next time you are in Philadelphia, pay us a visit at 1735 Market Street, at the corner of 18th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard.​

By Harvey Stack, Co-Founder

​The year 1990 was one of renewed growth in the numismatic market. After the quick but major drop in the stock market in October 1987, it took until late 1989 into early 1990 for the market to regain what it had lost. Most businesses had been negatively affected and some had failed altogether. Some banks had failed, and many industrial stocks had difficulty surviving. However certain assets held their value or lost just a fraction of it. These were the tangible markets, such as precious metals, including jewelry. In a similar way the numismatic hobby was less affected than other businesses. It seemed those who had built collections, such as series of early federal issues and rare and unusual coins held on to their collections as a store of value, as well as a pastime they enjoyed and items they took pride in owning.​

By Chris Dahncke

​The November 2021 Baltimore US Currency sale is available for viewing and bidding at StacksBowers.com. We pleased to offer in this sale lot 20029, a Fr. 96 1869 $10 Legal Tender Note in PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ. It is a stunning example of this colorful and popular design type.​

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​Last week we asked "What is usually considered to be the first Washington medal struck in the United States?" If you answered with the 1790 Manly Medal, then you are correct! The present example is shown in brass and offered in the E Pluribus Unum Collection in November 2021.

By Nicholas Fritz, Numismatist for World and Ancient Coins

​Our first Hong Kong Collectors Choice Online auction, set for November 30-December 3, 2021, focuses on a broad range of Asian numismatic items, as well as some interesting pieces that do not necessarily fit neatly into that category. One such item is a shipping invoice dated June 25, 1835, detailing the shipment and transfer of a keg of 5,000 Mexican 8 Reales from William Chaloner to John F. Lewis after shipment. The keg was placed upon the clipper ship Liberty, ported in Philadelphia, with a destination of Canton (modern day Guangzhou) in China.​

By Chris Dahncke

​​Our December Hong Kong CCO Auction of World Paper Money will soon be available online at StacksBowers.com. We are excited to offer a large assortment of People's Republic notes in this sale, with over 100 notes in this section alone. Included are quite a few notes from the popular 1949 series, along with a few from the 1948 series.​

By Ben Mahaffey, Web Content Manager

​Offered as lot 4039 in the November 2021 Rarities Night Auction is a 1919-D Walking Liberty half dollar graded MS-64 by PCGS. This date and mintmark is the third rarest issue of the type, falling just behind the 1921-S and 1919-S. This particular coin is well struck in the center, which is rare for the issue. This could prove to be an important buying opportunity for Walking Liberty enthusiasts.