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By Greg Cohen, Professional Numismatist and Consignment Director, US and World Coins.

Over the course of decades, the family of collectors that formed the Demarete Collection did not just put away high grade examples of rare coins or interesting varieties of ancient coins - they also set aside curiosities worthy of future research. One of the most historically interesting coins encountered so far in this extensive collection is an Oxford Half Pound, dated 1642. After seeing some moderate use in circulation, the coin had two scenes hand engraved by an artist of exceptional skill on the reverse. In the top scene, King Charles is shown praying, about to place his head on the executioner’s chopping block, while surrounded by the executioner and his guards and being read his last rites by a clergyman holding a bible. The lower scene depicts Oliver Cromwell and his mounted Round Head troops, as well as a number of Pikesmen. The work is unsigned and not dated, but is likely contemporary.

By Greg Cohen, Professional Numismatist and Consignment Director, U.S. and World Coins

Two of the scarcest types in the U.S. gold series are the reduced diameter Capped Head quarter and half eagles, 1829-1834. Many of these coins (as well as earlier dates) were worth more as gold than as currency (their melt value being higher than their face value), and thus it was profitable to export the coins, melt them into ingots, and sell the bullion. Your typical survivor is either AU or in the lower Uncirculated grades, often suffering from past abuse such as polishing, cleaning, scratches. Consigned to our Rarities Night Session of the 2013 New York Americana Sale is a very stunning exception, a glorious 1831 quarter eagle, PCGS-graded MS-66 and confirmed by CAC.

Written by Q. David Bowers, Chairman Emeritus

Welcome to 2013 -- in the offing as you read these words. We are all here -- escaped the Mayan prediction, just as we all escaped Y2K over a dozen years ago. Other than asteroids, war, and the like, civilization seems to be safe for a while. Seriously, I hope that 2013 will be a year of good health, happiness, and prosperity to your and your family.

Written by Chris Chatigny, Cataloger

This week we feature from the Robert O. Ebert Collection an Aureus struck by Pertinax during his short-lived reign as Roman Emperor. Pertinax (A.D. 193) was a self-made man, and rose from being the son of a former slave to the highest position in the Empire. This meteoric rise was fueled by his skill and dedication to his work, whether as a soldier, general, governor, or civil servant.
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Written by Q. David Bowers, Chairman Emeritus

I hope you are having a very nice holiday season -- celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas as the case may be, or other preference. It is a time to be merry, a time to be happy, a time to rejoice in the advantages we all have as citizens of the United States of America. And, the icing on the cake in terms of enjoyment is numismatics. If collecting coins has been a passion for a long time, you know that it has added a dimension to your life -- what with the thrill of the hunt, friendship with other collectors, exploring possibilities on the Internet and, while I am mentioning things, being a client of Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

Written by Greg Cohen, Professional Numismatist and Consignment Director, US and World Coins

As the New Year approaches, the eyes of world and ancient coin collectors are focused on the exciting, 43rd Annual New York International Numismatic Convention. Our consignment directors and catalogers have put together one of the most significant offerings of ancient and world numismatics for this year’s sale. Six live auction sessions, as well as an internet session, presented in two catalogs, will capture the attention of the numismatic community, and will generate significant bidding activity. This article will cover the first catalog, which features ancient and world coins, as well as orders and decorations, and world paper currency. My article next week will be focused on the second catalog, which is dedicated to the Robert O. Ebert Collection of Roman Coins. The coins highlighted in this article are just selections from thousands of numismatic items that await their turn at the auction block.

Written by John Pack, Executive Director of Consignments and Frank VanValen, Numismatist and Cataloger

An example of the famous 1943 Lincoln cent struck in bronze has been added to the roster of great highlights in the Stack’s Bowers Galleries January Americana Sale. This coin and other amazing properties will make this sale’s Rarities Night session a landmark for the entire year!