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By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​On December 3, 2010, Ponterio and Associates (now part of Stack's Bowers Galleries) offered the major auction of the Wa She Wong Collection of Chinese and Asian Coins. The sale realized $7,917,184 with 478 total lots. Some of the highlights of the sale are shown here:.

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​With the increase in Stack's Bowers Galleries' specialty online auctions, we have been able to offer new and specialized sales to our customers on a more frequent basis. In February 2022 we are proud to offer a Collectors Choice Online Auction focusing on Colonial and Early American Coins. While the final date for the sale has not been determined, we anticipate the consignment deadline being early January 2022. If you have colonial or early American coins that you would like featured in this sale, please contact us at [email protected]

By Harvey Stack, Co-Founder

​​​In 1991 the numismatic hobby really started to grow again, after years recovering from Black Monday in October 1987, when the market dropped about 20%. However, collectibles were able to hold steady in the market, as collectors and investors who had the extra money could purchase such items as a sign of wealth and a store of value.​​

By Christopher Dahncke, Paper Money Researcher & Cataloger

​Our December U.S. Currency Collectors Choice Online Auction will be posted to our website in the next couple of days and will feature more notes from the "Gnat" Laguna Coast Registry and Rarity Collection. As many small size specialists are aware, this collection includes the best group of San Francisco District small size notes ever formed.  In addition to the many unique and rare San Francisco notes that comprise this collection, it also offers an unprecedented number of Top Pop notes. PMG bestowed its coveted Best US Set 2020 award for the San Francisco $5 Feds in this collection.​

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

​Last week we asked you what coin related location was shown in this image. The location shown here is the Adjusting Room at the Philadelphia Mint in the 1850s.

By James McCartney, Director of Consignments and Numismatics

​We are excited to offer a beautiful MS-65 (NGC) ca. 1859 Non Nobis Solum Washington medal in gilt white metal in lot 70033 of our December 2021 Tokens and Medals Collectors Choice Online Auction. Sharply struck with beautiful satin surfaces and no significant abrasions, this piece is an important offering for specialists in Washington medals or Masonic pieces.​

By Christopher Dahncke, Paper Money Researcher & Cataloger

​Our January 2022 NYINC auction will be posted to our website for viewing and bidding in the next week. In this sale we are pleased to offer an Iraq P-14 1931 (1941) ½ Dinar in a WBG Very Good 8 Qualified (Extensive Restoration) grade.​

By Nicholas Fritz, Numismatist

​No ancient Greek city state can capture the modern imagination quite like Athens. Though the whole of the ancient Greek world is known as "the cradle of Western Civilization," it is Athens that has come to symbolize the fullest fruition of reason and democracy in the ancient world. The legacy of the Athenian Polis lives on, in both tangible artifacts like coins, and the intangible heritage of critical reasoning and the questioning of assumptions.​