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We hope you can join us in Baltimore, Maryland for our Official Auction of the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo. The auction is now online for perusing and pre-auction bidding and by now your beautiful catalogs should have arrived at your door. Many interested bidders have already begun inspecting the lots during our by appointment only viewing in our California office. Next week lot viewing continues in our New York Office by appointment only as well, so call 800-566-2580 to schedule.

Written By Bruce Roland Hagen, Senior Research Numismatist and Consignment Director, Currency

Interest in the American Civil War is currently at an all time high. Much of that is due to the 150th anniversaries of events, battles, and historical figures associated with this epic struggle pitting the North against the South. The conflict resulted from ideological and socio-economic divisions that rocked 19th century America. Of course, Lincoln, being nominated for Best Picture and its star winning the coveted Oscar for lead actor, puts the conflict even further into the forefront.

Article by Greg Cohen, Professional Numismatist and Consignment Director, U.S. and World Coins. Based on the lot description by Q. David Bowers, Chairman Emeritus and James Matthews, Senior Numismatist and Consignment Director, U.S. Coins

On the evening of January 24, we sold a superbly beautiful and exceptionally important 1792 half disme, gradedMS-68 by NGC for $1,145,625, which was a highlight of the Cardinal Collection. On the strength of that piece, we were consigned this lovely MS-64 (PCGS)example for our March Baltimore auction.
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Written by Kyle Ponterio, Numismatist and Consignment Director, World and Ancient Coins

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio’s world “coin of the week” is an extremely rare Anhwei Pattern dollar dated Year 23(1897). This remarkable rarity was unknown to many old time collectors, catalogers and numismatic researchers. The Chinese numismatic expert Eduard Kann located the 20 cent from this series in the collection of Mr. Kalgan Shih, Shanghai 1947, however at that time he was unaware of any other denominations from this series. Mr. Shih states in his reference “Modern Coins of China” 1948,

Written by Q. David Bowers, Chairman Emeritus

Once you have finished a specialty or have neared completion, it may be time to look for another challenge. In my experience, very few collectors begin in a series and stay with it forever. Instead, they tend to branch out. If you have been collecting more than a year or two or three, this probably includes you.
Did you know that Stack’s Bowers sold the only complete collection of United States Type Coins ever assembled? The Eliasberg Collection realized nearly $60 million and was sold in multiple auctions, starting in 1982.

By Harvey G. Stack, Senior Numismatic Consultant

I thought readers might enjoy this reminiscence of my experiences at many Stack’s sales over the decades in the “pre-computer” era. Nowadays, auction rooms are a wholly different experience, with sparse in-person audience attendance but overwhelming action via the phone and Internet. I do miss that thrilling auction room atmosphere, the spirit of attending and participating that can’t quite be replaced by sitting at a computer at home and monitoring it “live.”