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By Harvey G. Stack, Senior Numismatic Consultant

Part I -- An Important “Chore”

In 1953 many interesting and exciting things occurred as I was working for Stack’s in New York. I had become a full time member of the firm in 1947, after having spent at least 10 years doing part time chores at our famous coin shop, then located on West 46th Street in New York, just a few steps away from Fifth Avenue.
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By Christine Karstedt, Executive Vice President of Consignments

Stack’s Bowers Galleries will be presenting its landmark 65th auction in Baltimore this June. Hundreds of millions of rare U.S. coins and paper money, world coins and paper money, tokens, and medals have crossed the block in this famous coin town. Baltimore, and Stack’s Bowers Galleries has been synonymous with record prices for decades.

Article by Frank Van Valen, Numismatist and Cataloger, U.S. Coins. Based on the catalog description by John Salyer, Numismatist and Cataloger, U.S. Coins.

PCGS Proof-65+ CAC 1895 Morgan Dollar A Star Attraction

For better than 100 years numismatic sources had mentioned a mintage for the 1895 Morgan dollar of 12,000 pieces struck for circulation along with 880 Proofs of the date. In fact, up to and including the 2008 edition of the Red Book, the mintage was “carved in stone” in the venerable pages of that valuable reference as 12,000 pieces. Though many have searched for many years, no 1895 circulation strike Morgan dollar has ever surfaced.
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Did you know that Stack’s Bowers donated to the Central Park Zoo to support the American Bison and created a coin commemorating it?

By Chris Chatigny, Cataloger

The Fourth Century A.D. brought about a great deal of turmoil for the Romans, as the center of their empire gradually shifted from Rome to Constantinople. During these uncertain times, usurpers used their personal armies to seize the title of emperor during the multiple succession struggles that plagued the later Empire. Procopius was one such claimant, who revolted against the emperor Valens for control of Constantinople and the Eastern Roman Empire.
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