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rare toned 1822 capped bust half dollar stacks bowers galleries ana auction

Nicely-Toned Gem 1822 Overton-105 Capped Bust Half Dollar Featured in the Stack’s Bowers Galleries August 2021 Auction

By Ben Mahaffey, Web Content Manager

Author: Ben Mahaffey / Thursday, July 22, 2021 / Categories: Coins In Motion Highlight of the Week

This stunning 1822 Capped Bust Silver half dollar, Overton-105, is among my favorite coins in the August sale for a few reasons. The provenance of the coin dates back to 1911 and includes the D. Brent Pogue Collection, a Wayte Raymond sale, and the Iron Eagle Collection. Such names and collections affirm that this coin is of the highest quality and belongs in an impressive collection. Another reason that this coin would rank among my favorite is the combination of the grade and the color. To find a Capped Bust half dollar graded MS-66, combined with such beautiful, even toning is rare. Finally, the quality and depth of the strike is superb, creating a fine distinction between the fields and the bust. Every part of this coin stands out. To view more images of this coin, or to read more about it, find it as Lot 4089 on our website, stacksbowers.com.


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