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stacks bowers galleries selling a ten dollar carson city liberty head gold in march 2022

Exceptional 1870-CC $10 Rarity Offered in our Spring 2022 Showcase Auction

By James McCartney, Director of Consignments and Numismatics

Author: James McCartney / Friday, January 07, 2022 / Categories: United States Coin of the Week

The 1870-CC eagle is an eagerly sought rarity in the Liberty Head ten-dollar gold series. It ranks as the very rarest of the Carson City issues, outranking even the lower mintage 1879-CC. As one of the rarest Carson City Mint gold coins of any denomination, it rivals the legendary 1870-CC double eagle.

The mintage of just 5,908 1870-CC eagles was quickly reduced through circulation and melting, leaving very few for today's collectors. Specialist Doug Winter estimated just 35 to 45 surviving examples when writing in 2001. Carson City scholar Rusty Goe more recently estimated 60 to 75 extant in his 2020 reference. Most grade no finer than VF and the 1870-CC is unknown in Mint State.

We are thrilled to offer an exceptional EF-40 (PCGS) 1870-CC eagle in our Spring 2022 Showcase Auction, which displays vivid yellow-gold color and accents of bronze and honey patina. Both sides show quite bold definition for this issue, with subtle traces of satiny luster and original reflectivity. With several years often passing between auction appearances, this sharp piece represents a significant opportunity for advanced collectors of Carson City Mint or Liberty Head gold coinage.

This EF-40 (PCGS) 1870-CC eagle will be featured in our Spring 2022 Showcase Auction, held in conjunction with the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo in Baltimore. Also featured in the sale will be additional Liberty Head and Carson City gold, as well as an astounding collection of three-dollar gold pieces, exciting physical cryptocurrency, and Capped Bust and Liberty Seated half dollars from the Abigail Collection, Part II. For questions about these rarities or to consign your numismatic items to this sale, please contact Stack's Bowers Galleries at 800-566-2580 or email [email protected].