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Superb Gem of the 1934 Light Motto Quarter in Stack’s Bowers iAuction3523

By Greg Cohen, Professional Numismatist & Consignment Director, U.S. & World Coins

Author: Greg Cohen / Friday, March 06, 2015 / Categories: iAuctions

In 1934, three hub types were used to prepare dies for the quarter dollar: the Light Motto (seen here), the Medium Motto, and the Heavy Motto. The Light Motto variety gets its name from the extremely weak details in IN GOD WE TRUST and is the scarcest of the three.

The example offered as lot 20054 in iAuction 3523 is graded MS-66+ by PCGS and bears a green CAC sticker on the holder. It displays a light pearlescent gold sheen on satin-like surfaces. It is a highly attractive superb quality coin that will be a prize in any PCGS Set Registry.

While common as a date, the Light Motto is very scarce in MS-66 or better condition, with only 158 examples graded between MS-66 and MS-67+ at PCGS; the majority are MS-66 (106 examples graded). Of the remaining 42 examples, only 19 are graded MS-66+ and the rest are MS-67 (20) and MS-67+ (3). Looking at the numbers, there is probably some regrading of the same coin, perhaps multiple times, in hopes of achieving a higher grade, thus providing some duplication on the Pop Report.

Our iAuctions close at 10pm Eastern Time on Sundays. Be sure to review this, and all the other quality U.S. coins in iAuction 3523 at StacksBowers.com.