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Choice AU 1848-D $5 to be Featured in our December Collectors Choice Online Auction

By James McCartney, Senior Numismatist

Author: James McCartney / Thursday, December 06, 2018 / Categories: United States Coin of the Week

The 1848-D Liberty Head half eagle has one the lowest mintages of the denomination at the Dahlonega Mint in the 1840s. Just 47,465 examples were struck, amounting to nearly 17,000 fewer half eagles than were produced the year before.  Though it was once considered to be somewhat common in the context of Dahlonega issues, modern research and population reports have identified the 1848-D $5 as a truly important coin. Series specialist Doug Winter calls the issue "scarce and undervalued" and "one of the most difficult half eagles to locate with good eye appeal." Only about 180 examples are known, and the majority of these are in grades of Extremely Fine and below. It becomes a considerable condition rarity in Choice AU and Mint State, with just about 10 Uncirculated coins known through MS-63. 

Our December 2019 Collectors Choice Online Auction will feature a significant AU-55 (NGC) example from this desirable Dahlonega mintage, ranking in the top 25 examples certified by NGC. It displays exceptional eye appeal and outstanding surface quality. It is free from distracting blemishes and harbors considerable luster. The center is dominated by rich yellow-gold coloration and is accented by deep honey hues in the peripheries. It is a beautiful and choice example that will draw serious attention from half eagle and Dahlonega specialists alike.

Our December 2018 Collectors Choice Online Auction will be available for viewing and pre-bidding on our website on Wednesday, December 12th, and will open for live bidding on Wednesday, December 19th. If you would like to consign your collection to a future Collectors Choice Online Auction call 800-458-4646 or e-mail Info@StacksBowers.com to speak to a numismatic expert today.