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Immaculate 18th Century Brazilian Gold Coin

By Kyle Ponterio, Senior Numismatist and Cataloger

Author: Kyle Ponterio / Wednesday, May 08, 2019 / Categories: World Coin of the Week

As summer approaches, anticipation is rapidly building for our official American Numismatic Association auction, which will take place from August 13-16, 2019 right outside Chicago in the suburb of Rosemont. While a large number of items that cross the block will earn labels such as fabulous, breathtaking and highly desirable, the piece we've selected to share this week truly stands out from the rest!

Brazil. 1000 Reis, 1752. Lisbon Mint. NGC MS-68+.

Not only does this immaculate Gem hold the distinction of being the finest certified 18th century gold coin from Brazil at either NGC or PCGS, but it's also tied for finest certified coin of any type, from any country, struck during the 18th century. 

The obverse depicts the crowned arms of Portugal flanked by vertical denomination ".1000." to the left and florets ".+++." to the right; the Latin legend reads "IOSEPHUS.I.D(EI).G(RATIA).PORT(UGAL).REX." meaning "Joseph I by the grace of God King of Portugal". The reverse depicts an equilateral blunt cross surrounded by ornate quadrilobe, all within a dentilated border; the Latin legend reads "ET.BRASILIÆ.DOMINUS.ANNO.1752" meaning "And ruler of Brazil Year 1752". The edge bears the familiar tulip design commonly seen on coinage of Brazil and other parts of Central and South America. 

As would be expected from any numismatic item of superlative quality such as this Brazilian 1000 Reis, the strike is superb leaving nothing to the imagination. As a result, the design is fully crisp and within the arms of Portugal, each window in the seven surrounding castles remains visible. The surfaces are likewise exceptional, with satiny luster that glows throughout. In this astounding quality, this coin is a statistical miracle! As such, it is a trophy piece for collectors who seek the finest examples.

We are currently taking consignments of world and ancient coins and world paper money for the August ANA World's Fair of Money Auction in Rosemont, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. We are also accepting consignments of Chinese and other Asian coins and currency for our August 19-22, 2019, Hong Kong Showcase Auction. If you are interested in consigning your coins and paper currency (whether a whole collection or a single rarity) contact one of our consignment directors.