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Written by Q. David Bowers, Chairman Emeritus

Author: Q. David Bowers / Thursday, June 14, 2012 / Categories: From the Desk of Q. David Bowers
In early times at the Mint, during the die-making process an engraver would determine the center of each die, obverse and reverse, and tap a punch to create a tiny hole or depression. One end of a compass would then be placed in the hole and the other end used to scribe a circle inside the border so that stars or lettering could be aligned properly.

On finished coins this depression is often seen as a tiny raised dot—sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle. This suite of obverse pictures was selected by Andrew Bowers from our forthcoming auction coins to be sold at the Whitman Coins & Collectibles Expo in Baltimore.

For your own “adventure through a looking glass” tap into the high-quality pictures on our auction site and find more center dots, obverse and reverse, among early issues.