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Amazing Straits Settlements Pieces

By Aris Maragoudakis, Currency Specialist

Author: Aris Maragoudakis / Wednesday, August 02, 2017 / Categories: Paper Money of the Week

In our August Hong Kong Auction we are presenting two extremely elusive Straits Settlements 100 Dollar notes in lot 50152, and lot 50153. Lot 50152 offers a 1916, Pick 5, B/1 Block. Serial Number 26601 note, the first time we have handled this note in our lengthy history. It is in a PMG Choice Fine 15 Net holder, with comments of only splits and stained. This is an impressive grade as the note is extremely scarce in any condition. The 1916 date is the most desirable for the type. This piece shows a small profile vignette of KGV at top center with prowling tiger below, both in red. Two "100" counters are found on each of the bottom sides. While it is a bit rough around the edges, it is nearly impossible to find this note in better condition. All pertinent detail remains. 

The second 100 Dollar note, featured in Lot 50153 has a rare 1925 date. It is a highly scarce design in any state of preservation and is the first we can recall handling in recent memory. The note is in quite large format with an open design showing a small profile vignette of KGV at top center with prowling tiger below. Four large serial numbers are found at the corners, along with printed date and signatures. The inks are attractive throughout with pleasing detail considering the grade. There are only a few areas of rust mostly at the blank back. Largely watermarked paper with elephants at left and right watermark fields with denomination and "Straits Settlements," also noted. PMG graded the note as a Very Fine 30 Net with a mention of Retouched in the comments section.

These notes will cross the auction block during Session A of our Hong Kong Sale which begins Sunday August 13th at 7 PM Pacific Time (August 14th at 10 AM Hong Kong Time). For further information on these lots or any others in our catalog, or for any other auction related questions, please contact [email protected].