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March Happenings at SBG

By Christine Karstedt, Executive Vice President

Author: Christine Karstedt / Monday, March 05, 2012 / Categories: Crossing the Block
As I write these words I am riding back from New York City to our New Hampshire office with my daughter Melissa at the wheel. The trip is always a pleasant one, taking the scenic route via the Henry Hudson parkway, on to the Merritt and Wilbur Cross parkways in Connecticut, and final destination Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Other times I fly to and from New York City and on still other occasions I ride the comfortable (you should try it) Acela cars on Amtrak.

While in our New York office I, Melissa, and Marissa Lederman immersed ourselves in the treasures of the Teich Family Collection. Soon, planning for Part II will begin. The result will be another wonderful selection of choice, rare, and interesting coins that have been off the auction block for a long time. It was back in the 1950s and early 1960s that the Teich family made many of their purchases from the Stack family at the same 123 West 57th Street address that remains an international focus of numismatic activity today.

This venerable facility is about to undergo a remodeling, with upgrading of facilities, new displays, interesting exhibits, and more. Even during these renovations a warm welcome awaits you if you visit.

Now, my thoughts turn to our upcoming auctions at the Whitman Coins & Collectibles Expo in Baltimore. Three great catalogs are now being distributed—one for Rarities Night, one for our regular sale, and the third for paper money. Get set for non-stop activity for several days, Wednesday through Saturday. Get set too for a great convention—in the top handful in terms of popularity and attendance.

Melissa will share the podium with Marissa as auctioneers. You can see them at the Expo or watch them (and bid) in real time on the Internet. A great experience awaits you. I’ll be there as well, usually in the auction gallery, but occasionally at the Stack’s Bowers Galleries table on the Expo floor. And, I’ll be in good company with other staffers to meet, greet, and serve you. And, with a great auction season ahead of us, we’re eager to work with you in the showcasing of your coins, tokens, medals, and paper money.

My best wishes to you.

Chris Karstedt