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By Stack's Bowers Galleries

Author: Stack's Bowers Galleries / Thursday, February 14, 2019 / Categories: Did You Know?

Did you know Stack’s Bowers Galleries is featuring the Wealth of the South Collection in our upcoming Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Spring Expo?  The auction will take place February 27-March 1, at the Baltimore Convention Center.  The Wealth of the South Collection has been assembled over more than 35 years by a dedicated student of the Civil War. He was fascinated by the personal stories of many who lived (and died) during the conflict, as well as the social and political ramifications that helped forge our country through to the present. Click to learn more about the Wealth of the South Collection or call us at 800-458-4646 to request a catalog.

Assembling the Wealth of the South Collection first began in the early 1980s through purchases from R.M. Smythe, Melnick, Stack's, and other auctions. However, it was the sale of the Douglas Ball Collection by NASCA in the late 1980s that served as a springboard, providing the vision for where the collection would travel over the subsequent decades. The acquisition of some of Ball's exceedingly rare proofs, as well as one of his printing plates, thrilled the collector, and his thirst for related material became impossible to quench. His initial goal was to acquire an uncancelled type set of Confederate States of America banknotes in the best condition that he could afford (as well as a type set of contemporary counterfeits to the extent that such a set could be assembled). Along the way, he inevitably began buying an array of other related material. This material included a multitude of CSA banknotes that bore various bank stamps and interest paid stamps, postmarks, endorsements and annotations, printing and production errors, trans-Mississippi and revalidation stamps, and margin plate names. In addition, he attempted to purchase an example of each watermark observed on each type, an example of each type made by each printer and/or engraver, and other significant varieties as they became available. 

Later on, the Civil War theme of the collection expanded to include fractional currency, encased postage stamps, CSA Interim Deposit Receipts, Confederate fiscal paper, southern Civil War era bonds and shares, as well as autographs and letters of southern politicians who appeared on CSA bonds and banknotes. It is the hope of the consignor that future generations of collectors and historians will maintain and preserve our great country's history, and in so doing enjoy the journey in this wonderful hobby as much as he has.