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Store Manager Purchases Early Gold Coins

Lovely Gold Comes Through the Doors

By Mark Schimel, New York Store Manager

Author: Mark Schimel / Thursday, July 18, 2019 / Categories: This and That

Early Gold Appears in Our Store​

This week in the New York store we were excited to by a number of nice collector gold coins, and I want to highlight two particular coins.  First, we purchased an 1801 $10 in NGC AU-55.  Early gold coins are fascinating. They offer a gorgeous classic design coupled with great rarity, a combination that makes them very appealing. The coin we purchased has lovely clear surfaces and not a single issue worthy of mention.  It displays just the slightest signs of wear and all details are fully evident. It offers a great value compared to a Mint State coin that would cost much more. This eagle provides a wonderful opportunity to obtain a historically important coin that has fully struck devices and at first glance looks like Mint State. 

The second coin we bought is more modern, but it is also a historically important example of our nation’s coinage.  It is a 1907 $20 Saint-Gaudens High Relief $20, that we purchased raw. The magnificent design of the Saint-Gaudens $20 is breathtaking when seen in the designer’s original high relief format.  As these high relief pieces were Impractical to produce, later versions took the relief down and in doing so changed design to a significant degree.  In our opinion the present coin is a choice AU example.  It also has wonderful clear fields and only the slightest traces of wear, and appears to be Mint State at first glance.  Again, this is a great collector coin as one has the opportunity to own a Saint-Gaudens High Relief $20 at a significant savings from a full Mint State price.  All the “look” without the price. 

Come visit us in the store to see these and a host of other great collector coins we have for sale.