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Choice Pavillion d'Or of Edward the Black Prince.

By Chris Chatigny, Numismatist & Cataloger

Author: Chris Chatigny / Wednesday, July 05, 2017 / Categories: World Coin of the Week

Our next preview for the August ANA world coin sale is a historically significant French gold piece. In February of 1367 Edward the Black Prince sent armed forces to helped Pedro the Cruel of Spain regain his throne. Once Pedro was restored to the throne he failed to repay Edward the funds he promised to pay his soldiers. This forced Edward to levy a hearth tax in order to raise the necessary funds, probably resulting in the issuance of the present, lighter weight example -- also distinguished by the presence of the "E" at center of the reverse. The King of France, Charles V, was quite displeased with these actions and summoned the prince to appear in Paris as this tax was a direct violation of the Treaty of Bretigny. The prince had a rather bold and well known reply: "Willingly will we go to the Court of Paris, as the King of France orders it; but it shall be with helmet on head, and 60,000 men with us." But he failed to appear as his health was in shambles and that failure ended with France declaring war on April 29, 1369.

In June, the Black Prince’s father, Edward III, reassumed the title of King of France. In December of the same year Aquitaine was completely confiscated by Charles V. The Black Prince left for England in January 1371 and in November of 1372 formally surrendered Aquitaine to Edward III. Battles, occupation and re-occupation had taken place and by the end of 1373 only Bordeaux and Bayonne were left in the hands of the English. The Black Prince after many years of deteriorating health finally died on June 8, 1376.

The obverse of this gold coin features a wonderfully intricate Gothic canopy design with the Prince at center holding a sword with lions at his feet. The reverse is an equally ornate foliated cross in quatrefoil over a quadrangle with two lions and two lis in angles. This exceptional piece features a bold strike and soft satiny luster.

While we are no longer accepting consignments for our August 2017 ANA Auction, we are currently taking consignments of world and ancient coins as well as world paper money for our October 2017 Collectors Choice Online Auction and the January 2018 New York International Auction. Time is running short, so if you are interested in consigning your coins and paper currency (whether a whole collection or a single rarity) be sure to contact one of our consignment directors.