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Pergamon Tetradrachm & Internet Only Session

By Chris Chatigny, Numismatist & Cataloger

Author: Chris Chatigny / Tuesday, October 28, 2014 / Categories: World Coin of the Week

Though our Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio live world coin sessions of our Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo have ended, there is still time to enter bids for our Internet sessions of ancient coins, world coins and paper money. Be sure to visit this page to see the current offerings. The Internet session ends promptly Tuesday, November 4th at 3PM PT. Our highlight for today is an ancient coin from the region of Mysia, and the prosperous ancient city of Pergamon. The coinage from this region and time period mimics its previous overlord, Lysimachus of Thrace. As one of the Diadochi, a successor of Alexander the Great, Lysimachus eventually became king of Thrace, Macedon and Asia Minor during the struggle over the splintered empire of Alexander. Lysimachus’ hold on his territories collapsed, and the man he entrusted to rule Asia Minor, Philetaerus, declared himself king and began the Attalid Dynasty. This dynasty would expand control of the city of Pergamon into a small kingdom, and would become a staunch ally of the Roman Republic. As a succession dilemma arose, the final Attalid, Attalus III bequeathed control of the kingdom to the Romans to secure a stable future for the region. This coin, issued by Eumenes II, displays the proud laureate portrait of the Attalid Dynasty’s founder, Philetaerus facing right. The reverse displays the Greek deity Athena, goddess of wisdom seated facing left, resting her arm on a shield, a bow appears behind her. In the left field appear a monogram and a palm, and Athena extends a laurel wreath to crown the dynastic name, which appears to the left. As stated above, this reverse design is very similar to the coinage of Lysimachus, yet it retains a distinctive portrait of the Attalid Dynasty’s founder.

To view this coin, along with the rest of our Internet session of the Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo, visit StacksBowers.com. While our Stack’s Bowers Baltimore auction is no longer open for consignments, we are currently taking consignments of ancient and world coins for our August 2015 ANA World’s Fair of Money Showcase Auction and our April 2015 Hong Kong Showcase Auction of Asian Coins and Currency. Time is running short, so if you are interested in consigning your coins and paper currency (whether a whole collection or a single rarity) be sure to contact one of our consignment directors.