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Plan to Participate in our June 2018 Baltimore Auction

By Stack's Bowers Galleries

Author: Stack's Bowers Galleries / Wednesday, May 23, 2018 / Categories: Events

Stack's Bowers Galleries is pleased to present our official auction of the June 2018 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Summer Expo.  View lots and register online today at StacksBowers.com.  Download a free copy of the catalog to your computer or mobile device by clicking here: http://media.stacksbowers.com/VirtualCatalogs/2018/SBG_JuneBalt2018_Catalog.pdf

Listed below is the lot viewing, and auction session schedule. We hope to see you in Baltimore.

Lot Viewing
California Headquarters
May 29-June 1 & 4, 2018, by appointment only

New York Store
June 11-15, 2018, by appointment only
Room 307 at the Baltimore Convention Center
Tuesday, June 19 – Friday, June 22 9 AM-6 PM

Auction Sessions
Room 308 at the Baltimore Convention Center
Session 1:  "U.S. Coins Part I: Gold Coinage, Featuring the Fairmont Collection of Liberty Head Double Eagles" Thursday, June 21, 6:00 PM ET. Lots 1-383.
Session 2: "U.S. Coins Part II: Exonumia, Colonials-Silver Dollars, Commemoratives and Patterns" Friday, June 22, 5:00 PM ET. Lots 1001-1604.

Internet Sessions at StacksBowers.com
Session 3:  "US Coins Part I" Monday, June 25, 9:00 AM PT. Lots 2001-2724.
Session 4:  "US Coins Part II" Tuesday, June 26, 9:00 AM PT. Lots 3001-3800.

Lot Pick Up
Room 307 at the Baltimore Convention Center
Friday, June 22, 10 AM-1 PM
Saturday, June 23, 9 AM-Noon