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The Larry H. Miller Type Set of United States Coinage

By James McCartney, Senior Numismatist

Author: James McCartney / Thursday, November 12, 2020 / Categories: United States Coin of the Week

Collecting by design type is perhaps one of the most thrilling ways to study and experience United States coinage. Endless opportunities for customization make type set collecting a very popular and approachable way to build a collection. It can be, however, a daunting endeavor to complete a set at the highest level. Assembling a world-class Type Set demands not only an understanding of the wide realm of United States coinage, but also more specialized knowledge of production methods and rarity within each series and at each Mint. To achieve consistent quality and eye appeal across more than 200 years of coinage is a challenge completed by only the most dedicated students of this genre, as exemplified by such luminaries as Oliver Jung, Haig A. Koshkarian, and Norman Stack.

The Larry H. Miller Type Set of United States Coinage showcases exactly this superior connoisseurship and attention to detail. It features over 140 coins spanning from the pre-Federal era to the very cusp of the 21st century. It is highlighted by an incredible set of early silver dollars that includes a Mint State 1794, the finest known 1795 BB-14, and the Gem Stickney-Eliasberg 1804, and exhibits a coalescence of quality and rarity that has seldom been duplicated.

The earliest issues of the Philadelphia Mint are represented by an impressive selection of Draped Bust and Capped Bust coins, followed by important rarities of the Liberty Seated and Liberty Head series from the 19th century. The finest known 1797 O-102 half dollar and a Choice 1808 quarter eagle are sure to draw considerable interest from specialists. The Mint’s renewed emphasis on artistry in the 20th century is exemplified by key-dates in exceptional condition, including a Choice 1916 Standing Liberty quarter, a Gem 1907 Wire Rim Indian $10 and a Superb Gem Proof 1912 Saint-Gaudens $20.

The lots that follow offer one of the most spectacular tours through the evolution of United States coinage, and we are honored to present the Larry H. Miller Type Set for a new generation of collectors to cherish.