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By Mark Schimel, New York Store Manager

Author: Mark Schimel / Wednesday, April 04, 2018 / Categories: This and That

​The bullion market is getting very interesting lately.  Even though silver has not been able to crack $17 per ounce, the supply of silver seems to be drying up.  Wholesalers have monster boxes of silver eagles on back order, and the premiums have come up on 100-ounce bars.  Maybe this is a good time to pick up some silver for your portfolio -- the signs may be telling us something. 

As for gold, there are also some really good buying opportunities. The premiums on Proof gold Eagles have dropped so low that they are often sold for the same price or less than Mint State coins.  Not too long ago, these Proofs would have sold for $150-$255 over spot on the wholesale level. Could the premiums come back?  No one can be certain, but there is no downside so why not buy them instead of Mint State coins?  Let us show you how to be a smarter investor in metals.​