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north russia 500 ruble stacks bowers galleries

Rare North Russia 500 Rubles 1918 Remainder

By Christopher Dahncke, Currency Auction Associate

Author: Chris Dahncke / Thursday, July 01, 2021 / Categories: Paper Money of the Week
Stack’s Bowers Galleries' August Official ANA Auction of World Paper Money promises to be another great sale. Our featured highlight for this week is an elusive North Russia P-S143 Remainder 500 Rubles note which would have been issued by the Chaikovskii Government. This note is graded Very Fine 25 Details grade by PCGS Banknote, with Internal Damage and Pinholes noted by the grading company.

The North of Russia was in much turmoil when this note was printed in 1918. Allied troops were landing at Archangelsk and Murmansk to reinforce White Army forces against the rapidly advancing Red Army, although this would prove futile. By 1919, the Allies had abandoned the North of Russia and the White Russian Northern Army was left to fight alone against the more disciplined Red Army. The region later capitulated to Bolshevik rule in early 1920.

This note offered in our August auction is a lasting testament to the Provisional Government of the Northern Region. It is in remainder form and from the second issue series; there are no signatures, and it is pen cancelled at the left end on both the obverse and reverse. A red serial number of "ЦС021502" can be seen at left and right ends. The overprint that typically covers the phrase over the text box at left on the face is also missing, along with the overprints over the arms. The reverse of the note depicts a portrait of a woman at left, and an allegorical woman watching over a seaport at right, with a fast-approaching ship in the background. Auction appearances of this variety are almost non-existent, and this note is surely missing from the most advances collections of Russian paper money. This is the first example we have handled in remainder form in our history, and we are excited to offer it to collectors. We would not be surprised if our high estimate is met or exceeded for this rare note.

The Stack’s Bowers Galleries August ANA World paper money auction will be posted to our website for bidding within the next few weeks. To consign your U.S. and World paper money to a future sale, contact a consignment specialist at 800-458-4646 or visit StacksBowers.com. For more information on viewing lots or for assistance in registering to bid, email your inquiry to: [email protected]