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Q David Bowers Proof Trade Dollars

Trade Dollar Excitement!

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder

Author: Q. David Bowers / Thursday, February 20, 2020 / Categories: From the Desk of Q. David Bowers

I have always enjoyed trade dollars—one of my favorite series in American numismatics. Coming up in our March auction with the Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore are the two great rarities in the series—the 1884 and 1885. Per information from John W. Haseltine and Stephen Nagy there were just 10 struck of the former and five of the latter. Neither coin is represented in the institutional collections at the American Numismatic Society, the American Numismatic Association, or the Smithsonian Institution.

The trade dollars are being offered as part of our Rarities Night session on Thursday, March 19, 2020. They are pedigreed to the E. Horatio Morgan Collection, an incredible cabinet that Stack’s Bowers Galleries has been featuring at auction over the past year. I foresee the eyes of the numismatic world focusing on Baltimore next month. How exciting! I can hardly wait to see what happens.