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Q. David Bowers Shares Edits from Rare Coin Review 1984

Q. David Bowers Shares Rare Coin Review Fillers from 1984

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder

Author: Q. David Bowers / Thursday, September 26, 2019 / Categories: From the Desk of Q. David Bowers

​Just for fun!

If you are an old-timer you may remember our Rare Coin Review, which I edited for many years in the late 20th century into the present one. I often included “fillers,” such as these from a 1984 issue:

Readers and friends often sent so many things in that I could only use a few of them. This was from my friend, Cheri Kaye Lemons, an American Airlines executive:


Travel Guide Explanations

Standard: Substandard

Deluxe: Standard

Superior: Free shower cap

Quaint: Run down

Aristocratic: Hasn’t been renovated

Off the Beaten Path: Few want to come here

Old-World Charm: No bath

Tropical: Rains a lot

Motorcoach: Bus

Deluxe Motorcoach: Bus with clean windows

Options Galore: Nothing included

Explore on your own: Pay for it yourself

Playground of the Stars: George Snodgrass spent a night here in 1948

Airy: No air conditioning

Brisk: Freezing


Harvey Roehl, whose Vestal Press published some of my books, sent these definitions from comedian Fred Allen and others:


Dictionary Definitions

Alibiography: Life story of a guy who didn’t make good

Arcticulation: The Eskimo language as it should be spoken

Bothtub: Bathtub for twins

Concubeen: An old concubine

Debutantrum: A society girl in a fit

Maltimillionaire: A wealthy brewer

Pillfer: To steal from a doctor

Wrenovation: Improving a bird house for a new occupant


And from the Bowers and Merena Galleries staff:


Numismatic Definitions

Medium Date: A night out with a fortune teller (borrowed from Dick Johnson)

Plain Edge: Where the prairie meets the Mississippi River such as in eastern Missouri

Denver Mint: Candy sold in a Rocky Mountain city

Buffalo nickel: A rare 1926-S found in change in Upstate New York

Mint State: Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, or California

About Uncirculated: A story concerning a high grade

Overdate: To go out with too many romantic attractions

Brilliant Proof: A decisive presentation by an attorney in a court trial

Investment Grade: Score of a test given to applicants seeking to work at Merrill Lynch

Below Wholesale: No dealers want to buy my stuff, so I offer it to you


Another issue featured two pages on humor from 19th century almanacs, much of which remains true over a century later. A few samples, from Ayer’s, an issuer of encased postage stamps:


Carpets are purchased by the yard but worn by the foot. Ayer’s Almanac, 1870

It’s easy to love your neighbor as yourself if your neighbor happens to be a pretty girl. Ayer’s Almanac, 1870

A liar is tolerated when he tells what we wish to believe. Ayer’s Almanac, 1870

A bank note is better than hard money, because if you fold it you find it in-creases. Ayer’s Almanac, 1871

Imitation is the homage stupidity pays to genius. Ayer’s Almanac, 1863

The grand essentials of happiness in this life are: something to do, something to hope for, and something to love. Ayer’s Almanac, 1863

“George, did you ever see the Catskill Mountains?” “No sir, but I have seen them kill mice.” Ayer’s Almanac, 1870