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Unity Cents

Author: Stack's Bowers Galleries / Tuesday, April 23, 2013 / Categories: Answers for the Avid Collector
Question: Was the 1793 Wreath copper cent modeled after the 1783 Washington UNITY STATES copper? The reverse design is similar and the UNITY STATES cent came first. --P.D.

Answer: 1783 UNITY STATES copper, bearing the portrait of George Washington on the obverse and a cent-like design on the reverse, with the inscription UNITY STATES OF AMERICA, was produced, probably in England, at least 20 years after the date indicated. The reverse is a copy of the United States cent of the 1802-1803 era, with the inscription changed from UNITED to UNITY to evade the counterfeiting laws. Certain other Washington pieces dated 1783 (the Military Bust and Draped Bust issues, for example) were also struck later than the date indicated.