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Stack’s Bowers Galleries presents A Gallery of Seven Great Collections and other important properties

By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder

Author: Q. David Bowers / Thursday, May 02, 2019 / Categories: Events

Welcome to Baltimore!

       It is that time of year—the Whitman Coin Expo in Baltimore—a candidate for the most numismatic of all cities in America. What a great way to start the summer!

       “When great collections are sold, Stack’s Bowers Galleries sells them” has been a familiar motto for many years. At the forthcoming Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo in Baltimore we have multiple great collections. The result is that in the American series of coins, tokens, and medals there is something for nearly everyone. Included are items from my own collection—many gathered years ago and now on the market for a new generation of enthusiasts. Our sale continues with Internet sessions early the next week—a dynamic venue.

       As to Baltimore, in the early 19th century, resident Robert Gilmor, Jr. was America’s leading collector of coins by dates, including rarities and Proofs. Col. Mendes I. Cohen built a memorable collection in Baltimore, followed by T. Harrison Garrett and his family, Waldo C. Newcomer, and the Fuld family. Indeed, a book could be created about numismatics in Baltimore.

       History continues to be written with the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expos. You can be a part of that by attending in May. Not only does our auction beckon, but a large bourse of dealers offers many opportunities. In addition, the hotels, restaurants, and shopping near the Convention Center are second to none. We will roll the red carpet out for you.

       If you do not plan to attend, the Internet will give you an “I am there!” experience. Watch the action and press the “Bid!” button when special items come up for sale.

       A great event is planned. Be a part of it!


Highlights of Our Expo Sale

       As to the seven collections that anchor this sale, each is different and each contains many treasures.

       The Larry L. Terrell Collection brings colonial and early American coins to the fore, starting with Massachusetts silver and continuing to include many other types and varieties, with over 65 different 1786 to 1788 New Jersey coppers.

       The Drummer Collection​ showcases Carson City Mint gold half eagles including the seldom-seen issues of 1870 through 1873.

       The Fairmont Collection​ includes Indian Head eagles of the 20th century and Liberty Head double eagles from the 1850s onward.

       The William J. Naddeo Collection offers United States coins by design types, including those reaching into modern times in especially high grades.

       The Newmark Collection​ is delightfully diverse and ranges from early Flowing Hair and Draped Bust coinage to Assay Commission medals, so-called dollars, and counterstamped coins.

       The Ralph A. Edson Collection brings to the auction block many interesting and important tokens and medals with an emphasis on Civil War issues—one of the most popular series in American numismatics.

       As to my collection​, selections are varied and include a Washington funeral medal by Jacob Perkins, a Washington Cabinet medal in silver, some rare high-grade 1939 Doubled Die Jefferson nickels from a small group I have “hoarded,” a beautiful 1857-S double eagle from the S.S. Central America, and other items I hope will be of interest. Certainly, I have enjoyed owning them.


Plus more!

       If I were to mention all the highlights in this sale, I would need many pages. You have the catalog in your hand (or on your computer screen or device), so you can explore. If you are just starting a collection, you will have a running start, including many inexpensive coins in high grades. If you are adding to a specialty already in progress, there are many interesting things to consider.

       I will mention just a few “trophy” coins: An ultra-Gem 1856 Flying Eagle cent, the most famous “popular rarity” of the 19th century; a Gem Proof 1864 L Indian cent and one of the finest 1916 Standing Liberty quarters all beckon. Proof gold includes an especially rare 1848 quarter eagle, an Ultra-Cameo 1879 Flowing Hair $4 Stella, and a Gem Proof 1898 double eagle. Among commemoratives you will find both varieties of the 1915-S Panama Pacific International Exposition $50. Among Gold Rush era gold there is a beautiful Augustus Humbert octagonal $50 slug.


       Rarities are always exciting, and our Rarities Night session on Thursday brings many to the fore. However, the backbone of our sale—and other sales over the years (our first was held in 1935!)—consists of popular issues in widely-collected series: Morgan silver dollars, cents large and small, commemoratives, Washington tokens and other early American issues, Liberty Seated coins, 20th century issues from cents to double eagles, and more. There is the opportunity for you to discover a new collecting specialty. Perhaps New Jersey coppers? Perhaps Morgan silver dollars? Perhaps Civil War tokens?

       In the Internet sessions you will find many more items of interest. Check it out. Now, with my comments concluded, you can take it from here by viewing the various descriptions. I’ll see you in Baltimore if you plan to attend. Either way, enjoy the sale!