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gold william henry harrison military medal stacks bowers galleries

A Rare Gold William Henry Harrison Medal Featured as This Week’s Coin of the Week

By Ben Mahaffey, Web Content Manager

Author: Ben Mahaffey / Thursday, July 01, 2021 / Categories: Coins In Motion Highlight of the Week

A rare and elusive gold medal depicting William Henry Harrison and the Battle of the Thames will be sold in Stack’s Bowers Galleries August 2021 Showcase Auction, hosted in Costa Mesa, CA. This medal measures 65mm, was engraved by Moritz Furst, and is cataloged as Julian MI-14 (Military). Our auction estimate for this piece is $250,000.



Coins in Motion seeks to enable collectors, bidders, and consignors to accurately appreciate how Stack's Bowers Galleries coins look in hand. Ultra-high resolution animations depict how luster moves over the coin's surfaces, while the rotating motion allows for any possible imperfections to be revealed. Stack's Bowers Galleries is proud to have acquired Coins in Motion. To view our YouTube Playlist dedicated to Coins in Motion, click here.​ Videos are added weekly. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more updates here.​