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By Greg Cohen, Numismatist & Consignment Director, U.S. & World Coins

This week’s iAuctions coin of the week is an example of the perennially popular 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo nickel in NGC MS-61. This variety, known even outside of numismatic circles, was created when an employee named Mr. Young at the Denver Mint effaced the reverse die with an emery board in an effort to remove clash marks. 

By Q. David Bowers, Chairman Emeritus

Welcome to the second installment of my four-part series on building a 20th-century type set, including one of each design used in circulation from 1900 to 1999. This week I will continue with nickel five-cent pieces, followed by dimes and quarters.

By Frank Van Valen, Numismatist and Cataloger, U.S. Coins

Our latest iAuction event is chock full of coins that should be of significant interest to just about any collector, including copper, nickel, silver, and gold coins. This week's spotlight falls on a Gem Mint State 1925-S Buffalo nickel in a NGC MS-66 holder. This pale golden Gem is sharper overall than typically found for the date, especially on the reverse. A die clash from the reverse gives the obverse Indian a “chin whisker” appearance.